A Border Security and Dreamer Protection Deal is Trump's Best Chance to Build the Wall

A recent poll released by New American Economy and Target Point Consulting revealed that the large majority of conservative and Republican voters would support legislation that increases border security and provides a path to legal status for Dreamers. This means that a Republican-led deal on immigration will not hurt Republicans in their upcoming primaries, and is favored by a majority of conservatives, whose votes Republicans need to be successful in the upcoming midterms and 2020.

The poll concluded that “80 percent of conservative and Republican voters support a deal to increase border security in exchange for protections for Dreamers. Just 13 percent oppose the deal. 86 percent of Trump base voters – defined as those who voted for Trump, approve of him today, support a Republican congressional candidate in the 2018 elections, and identify as Republican – support a deal to increase border security in exchange for protections for Dreamers. Just 10 percent oppose the deal.

This overwhelming percentage of Republicans and  Trump’s base voters supporting a simple DACA and Border security immigration deal should be motivation and encouragement for the President to get behind Republicans in leading the way on passing legislation. Not only that, but at this point it looks like deal in which Dreamers receive a path to earn legal status might be the only chance for The president to hold true to his promise of building a wall at the US-Mexico border.

Over the past weeks, a bi-partisan coalition of representatives led by Jeff Denham(R-CA) and Will Hurd (R-TX) have joined together to try to force a vote on four different immigration proposals through a resolution that would invoke the Queen of The Hill rule, allowing the bill that received the most and at least 218 votes to be adopted by the House. If 218 out of the 236 Republican representatives listen to their constituents and vote for a simple bill that provides funding for border security and a wall and protection for Dreamers like Hurd’s USA act, it will have a real chance of becoming law. This would be a great look for Republicans and the president in the eyes of voters, not only because they would hold true to the president’s promise of building a wall, but because they would show great leadership in finally legislating a permanent solution for the dreamers- something Obama and the Democrats were unable to do, even when they held majority in the house and senate.

If Republicans lose their majority position in the House in the upcoming mid-terms like many people speculate they will, they will no longer be in a position to unite in passing an immigration bill of their choice through the House with the Queen of the Hill rule. If that happens before Congress passes legislation to secure the border and protect Dreamers, then border security will continue to remain underfunded, the wall will not be built any time soon, and we will continue to have unmonitored people and things entering our country at a higher rate than if we had adequate border security.


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