Clear Lake Tea Party to Host Immigration Debate June 6th

Clear Lake Tea Party Immigration Reform DebateAs the debate on immigration reform rages on in Washington D.C., the Clear Lake Tea Party (CLTP) has decided to bring the debate closer to home and will host its own event on Thursday, June 6th. The event will be based on a structured debate featuring TexasGOPVote news contributors, Linda Vega and Bob Price, versus South Texas Alliance President, George Rodriquez and Texans for Immigration Reduction and Enforcement President Larry Korkmas.

Following is the announcement from CLTP President Mary Huls:

The CLTP has turned its attention from State and Local issues to address one of the top Federal issues of the day: S.744 Immigration Reform Bill.

After seeing the talking heads on TV and agenda driven panels, the CLTP thought to join in with a "real" debate on this issue. Instead of stacking a panel with partisans of either side, fostering a yelling match, or allowing speakers to make one political jab after another, we said why not have a good, ol' fashioned public policy debate using modified American High School debating rules. The overall issue would be broken into two questions allowing for two debating rounds. The two teams (pro and con) would have 4 structured construction speeches (why its a good/bad thing) and 4 rebuttal speeches (why the other side got it wrong) for each round. Rules are simple: give your speech when its your turn and do not interrupt the other side. At the end the audience will decide which team got the better of the argument.

We hope to engender the type of debate the US Senate was constructed for. Unfortunately, open debate on the Senate floor seems to be passe these days in favor of closed committee hearings, "gangs of eight" deals, and take it or leave it final votes where you have to pass it to know what's in it.

We have asked that Senator Cruz send a representative to hear what the people are saying regarding this issue. We are also waiting to hear back from our other Federal officials. We hope to set an example they can follow.

Consequently, the CLTP is asking you to get the word out and participate in this example of citizenship. Although the debate format will be fair and balanced, we can assure you that the content will be strictly partisan. It is time for those on both sides of this bill stand up for what they believe in and make their best case for it.  


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