Don’t Settle For The Quick And Easy Answer on Immigration

Texas faces immigration problems that too many Republican voters view solely through the spectrum of catchy phrases and bumper sticker slogans when they think about solutions. That’s understandable – for far too long, those phrases and slogans were the only immigration policy our Party had and the only solutions that our candidates were selling.

All too often, if a candidate simply says, “Secure Our Borders”, “Build A Fence”, “No Amnesty”, or “Double the size of the Border Patrol”, he’s done the bare minimum to earn the support of Republican voters who are sold on the quick and easy solution. They’re good to go. But, in reality, those voters have probably been “had” by a candidate who used the same old cop-outs and the same old tired slogans.

If we could have fixed the problem with a few pithy words or a clever slogan, don’t you think that we would have done that by now?! We have a long way to go, especially with Democrats in control of the White House and U.S. Senate.

I believe that we have a better policy here in Texas, in our own party platform. I’m proud of the Republican Party of Texas and the thousands of delegates who stepped forward to support solutions that go beyond a quick slogan. That’s the leadership Texans are known for and what we’re missing up in D.C.

What’s my immigration platform? Now you know.

Others might have given you a bumper sticker…



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