BEAR ARMS: Lumberton, TX Woman Shoots Robber/Rapist Terrorizing Residents

A woman in Lumberton, TX shot and stopped a robber Sunday morning before sunrise. This was not just any robber. This robber was part of a group of men who had gone on a crime spree over the past 2 weeks in Beaumont's West End and now in Lumberton. Around 3AM yesterday morning, this group of armed robbers sexually assaulted and robbed at gun point a woman in Lumberton. After the robbery and sexual assault (at the corner of Raider Lane and Village Creek Parkway near the middle and primary schools), the group of 3 black males from Beaumont tried to attack another woman at her home on Dennis Drive in Lumberton. This time though, the woman was exercising her Second Amendment rights, and she pulled out her handgun and shot one of the criminals. All three men were quickly apprehended soon after by the Lumberton Police Department. The man shot, Scott Allen Wills Jr, is still in the hospital, but is expected to recover. As I write the article, the Hardin County Jail says they have not booked the other two men, Malik Washington and Ariel Malveaux, so they are still in the custody of the Lumberton Police Department.

This attack is just another example that proves the importance of having a Constitutional right to bear arms. The quiet community of Lumberton was also shown that we are not as safe and quiet as we used to be anymore. There are some in Lumberton who want the city to grow into a bigger city instead of just a bedroom community so that we can bring more money into the city. Well, with the growth and desire for more money, we can expect to see an increase in crime as well. It is funny how people will move out of a bigger city to get away from problems, but then they turn around and want all the amenities a big city has to offer, and next thing you know, the problems we moved away from have been brought right into out backyard.

So what happened Sunday morning in Lumberton? I found out about this shocking series of events from Kel Lindsey who posted the following message on his Facebook wall:

"This morning in my own back yard, two black males robbed and sexually assaulted my sister in law. They held her at gun point and demanded money from her, they made her drive them to a store and take money from an ATM. By the grace of God they brought her back alive and they fled on foot. These two pieces of shit then proceeded to rob another house in our neighborhood and were met with a joyous sound of a gun being brought to bare. As this humanless pile of shit lays clinging to life, I hope one more good person will now arm themselves against this violent and corrupt society so that scum will know that they cannot get away with this shit anymore. Good people with guns stop bad people with guns. amen."

I contacted Kel to confirm the details. As you can see from the Facebook post above, Kel is a big supporter of gun rights and was glad that at least one of them was stopped by a woman exercising her right to bear arms.



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