NJ Gov. Christie Discusses Obamacare and Immigration

Yesterday on ABC's This Week New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was asked if he thought his state of New Jersey should join the lawsuit against Obamacare. Christie's answer was pure common sense. Christie said he must weigh two factors in determing whether or not to take action against Obamacare 1). what are the chances of winning the lawsuit? and 2). What will be the effect of this 2000 page bill be on the state of New Jersey? Christie said that "with limited resources in New Jersey, I'm not going to throw good money after bad." Governor Christie also stated that his Attorney General and his Commissioner of Health are looking into the practicality of a lawsuit and that he will decide to take action based on their findings.

On the issue of immigration, the Governor says that the issue is too important to demagogue, appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than using rational arguments. While Governor Christie says that immigration is a federal issue and "the President and the Congress have to step up to the plate they have to secure our borders and they have to put forward a common-sense path to citizenship for people," the former U.S. Attorney went on to say "until they do that, states are going to struggle all over the country with this problem and so is federal law enformcement who doesn't have the resources to do it effectively."

 Governor Christie says that while there is no one Republican position on immigration, the Democrats must find a way to build a consensus. The Republican Governor says it is the obligation of the party in the majority to build the consensus. 


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