Secession Threatened in Massachusetts


No, Massachusetts isn’t threatening to secede (some threat, right?), but there are stirrings of secession in the neighborhood of Humarock, which is unhappy with the town of Scituate:

The latest aggravation began earlier this month, when residents claim the town was heavy-handed in enforcing a ban on bonfires.
“That was a full military operation… I mean hummers up and down the beach, state police helicopters, horseback, bomb squad, [and] a command post up the center,” said Fred Hayden, who owns a summer home in Humarock….
During Independence Day celebrations on July 3, State Police troopers were called in to help maintain order in the mostly senior-citizen community. A 70-year-old man says they used excessive force when arresting him, leaving his arms bruised and wrists bleeding.
“Every time they talk to you it’s in a threatening fashion,” long-time resident Emory Langlolies said during Sunday’s meeting….
“People are fed up with the town of Scituate. They do absolutely nothing for us,” said Dick Sparks.
Sparks has been urging his neighbors to secede from Scituate for 15 years. A new town hasn’t formed in the Bay State in almost a century, but the idea is gaining traction in Humarock.

Nothing ever seems to come of stories like this, but I like hearing the idea discussed.



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