Senator Cornyn: White House’s Sequester Substitute Raises Deficit

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the White House backed bill would actually raise the deficit this year by tens of billions of dollars.

Its absolutely ludicrous, especially when we consider that even with the sequester, spending will still be higher this year than it was last year, by the federal government.

Even with the spending cuts mandated by the sequestrations – $85 billion in cuts – this administration will still have more money to spend this year than they did last year.

At yet, last year we didn’t see planes falling out of the sky. We didn’t see empty supermarket shelves for lack of safe food. Nor did we see the national parks shutting their front gates.

Now is the time to cut spending. That is the only way forward. That is the only way to begin, with one small step, to return our country to sound fiscal footing.



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