John Faulk: Calling All Shepherds

The following announcement was sent in from GOP candidate John Faulk's campaign:

This year we are introducing a new concept that will help to ensure a victory over Sheila Jackson Lee this November. We call it "Shepherding". You can learn more below.

May is turning out to be a busy month. Below are just a few of the events we have planned and are adding more every day! If you would like to host an event, please let us know.

We are doing well in the fund-raising department but we need to do much better! Sheila Jackson Lee spent well over $800,000 just to win her primary! She is going to raise and spend much more than that for the general election. We have to be ready and we need your help. Please donate what you can.

John Faulk
Faulk for Congress

Upcoming Events:

May 18th - All day - Money Bomb. Go online and help build our war chest! We raised over $9,000 last month with your help. You can donate here:

June 5th - John Faulk surprise birthday party. We are still working out the details but reserve the date. We will have food and drinks for both adults and kids. Plenty of fun for the whole family!

What is Shepherding?

Shepherding is the concept of creating small groups of like-minded people (the flock) being nurtured and guided towards voting for John and all the other Conservative candidates. It is a "grass-roots" effort that is being deployed in conjunction with several other groups. We are asking passionate individuals to lead their flock all the way through to November 2nd. We will provide the tools, materials and support to make sure you achieve our common goals.

This will be an on-going effort through November and beyond. Ultimately, this effort will keep Harris County "red" and pave the way for future conservative candidates.

If you would like to learn more, CLICK HERE.


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