Liberals are voting May 14th, will you?

Early voting starts Monday, May 2nd for the May 14th School Board and City Council elections in many Texas cities. While it is true these are non partisan races, all candidates bring a political philosophy to the position that will guide the decisions they make once elected. Many of these candidates are also active in a political party and vote in primary elections.

How to research the candidates

If a candidate is running that you are not familiar with, find out whether they vote in the Democrat or Republican primary. Next do a Google and Facebook search of the candidate’s name. Make sure you look at any photos on their Facebook pages, it is amazing what you will find.

Kathleen Thompson is a candidate running for City Council in the heavily Republican City of Grapevine, Texas. Simple searches revealed:


  • She is a Member of the Mid-Cities Democrats 
  • A Democrat Precinct Chair 
  • Facebook Photos of her in the Mid-Cities Democrats booth at the Democrat State Convention 
  • She is a member of the group “Drinking Liberally” 
  • A You Tube video of her explaining why she supports President Barack Obama 
  • Flickr Photos of her at a Planned Parenthood Luncheon 
  • Flickr Photos of her at the, “Trailer Trash Gay Bingo Party” (which have now been removed from Flickr, after conservatives began sharing the photos on Facebook). 
  • She was also quoted in the press as being critical of a local tea party groups participation in the Christmas Parade honoring the troops

To find out which cities and school districts will be having an election in May, contact your County Elections or County Clerk’s office. Many counties already have sample ballots on their website listing all the candidates.

A list of candidates and their contact information is also available from the City Secretary or School Board Secretary. Running for office is much like applying for a job. The candidate, who receives the most votes, gets the job. Call the candidates and interview them for the job. A non responsive candidate probably does not deserve your vote.

When you decide which candidate is worthy of your vote, share the information you have gleaned with other like minded conservatives in the district. If you are a precinct chair, contact your Republican Primary voters with polling place information and encourage them to go vote. Only about 3-5% of the eligible voters bother to cast a ballot in School Board and City Council elections. We need conservatives serving in all levels of government.

To get conservatives elected, we must vote!


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Thanks, Stephanie – Great article!

Kathleen Thompson is clearly an extremely liberal individual. As you mention, she has been a leader in many Democrat groups and clubs. 

I find it interesting that Democrat operatives in cities outside Grapevine (i.e., Colleyville, Dallas, Fort Worth, etc.) are funding the majority of Kathleen’s campaign.  Even the Executive Director of the Tarrant County Democratic Party and the Chairman of the Tarrant County Democratic Party are helping her financially with her campaign.  These liberal sources of her campaign contributions confirm that Kathleen is without question entrenched in the Democrat Party and will try to advance the liberal agenda if elected to Grapevine City Council.

Despite her deep liberal roots, throughout Kathleen’s campaign she has attempted to appear conservative in order to get elected.  Of course, if you pay close attention to what she says you can tell that her liberal principles are lying just under the surface and are ready to come out in full force AFTER the election. It’s a typical “bait and switch” tactic that virtual every liberal running for office in a conservative city uses.

Here’s but one of many examples. Kathleen says she wants to target wasteful spending (which sounds conservative). However, all of her proposed plans to “fix” the many things she perceives that the city is doing wrong will cost excessive amounts of money (i.e., increased library hours, more sidewalks, better baseball fields…that all costs money).  More importantly, she has already announced her plans at a local candidate forum to hinder our main sources of funding (i.e., businesses), which means Grapevine citizens will be the only remaining source to pay for her proposed plans.

Grapevine is a fantastic city with a low tax burden on residents.  Please help us defeat Kathleen’s liberal agenda which will ensure that our tax burden goes up…potentially WAY up. 

Change for the sake of change is irresponsible.  The incumbent in this race is Roy Stewart (who has served successfully for 3 terms and is seeking a 4th term).  Roy is a fiscal conservative and he needs your help to defeat the misleading message that Kathleen Thompson is pushing.  Please vote for Roy Stewart for Grapevine City Council.

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Thanks Tammy, I hope all conservatives will study the candidates and vote in the School Board & City Council  elections.

We've had a lot of discussion on this and other points about Kathleen over at the Grapevine Texas Open Forum. Kathleen has several supporters here locally, some of whom are quite articulate and have made valid points. Unfortunately, Kathleen's campaign chose to take a highly inflammatory, disrespectful and attacking tone from the start. 

This has caused the residents here to shift away from her as a candidate, I've talked to several people who were initially very open to her candidacy, but were subsequently "put off" by the way she ran her campaign.

I'm not sure if this is a liberal/conservative thing, or if it was just a strategic mistake on Kathleen's part.

I hope that Kathleen and other candidates learn from this in the future. It is ok to disagree on various topics, but at the end of the day, we're all neighbors and we all care about our city. It is important to treat each other with respect, and keep the conversation friendly.

The other local candidate here, Deverick Jordan is a great example of how to run a friendly, respectful campaign. While I personally support Roy Stewart in this election, I think that Deverick has shown an enormous amount of class, and should be a model for how to run for local office without causing offense.

You can be passionate about issues without being inflammatory.  If they will be disrespectful during the campaign, they will be in office too,

If your burn too many bridges in the course of a campaign, not only will you lose the race, but you might also damage your prospects for a future race. 


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