Keeping Local Jobs At Home

As the economy continues to suffer, government agencies are brainstorming ways to help lower the mounting unemployment levels. Construction Citizen reported today that San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors recently voted to support a new ordinance to their city code which would require that a certain percentage of all construction contractors and subcontractors who work on public projects be residents of that city. The required percentage would begin at 20% local residents and increase over the next 7 years to reach 50%. The current existing law requires contractors on public works projects to make a “good faith effort” to hire at least 50% local residents. Mayor Gavin Newsom has not yet signed the legislation.

Would this type of policy be effective in Texas, and would it boost the local economy or not make any difference at all? If San Francisco implements this new law, it will be interesting to see whether enough jobs are created for local citizens to justify the increased cost of labor on the city’s projects and the increased cost of enforcing the extra legislation.


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