Michael Williams Speaks of "Preemptive Warming"

Texas's own, three time elected official of the Texas Railroad Commission, and Voice of the previous Voice of the Texas GOP feature gave a well-received speech today at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Michael Williams stated the power is supposed to protect our rights, not erode them. "The Texas government has given us a $45 thousand pay raise," he said, "and I have not taken one penny of it. It's much easier to preach limited spending when your hands are not in the cookie jar."

He went on to say that back home in Texas, we call cap-and-trade, cap-and-tax! "Don't you think it's ironic that liberals say Republicans rushed into the war in Iraq, yet say the nation must now rush into legislation to pass cap-and-trade? Isn't this preemptive warming?"

Williams told the CPAC audience that Texas is suing the EPA. "We can still have a healthy environment and a healthy economy at the same time by bringing in innovation and creating new technology," he explained. "We need to bring the nuclear power back! Those that try to stop the building of nuclear plants will have to pay!"

Williams said that carbon dioxide is a commodity, although Al Gore may be afraid of it. He explained that if you build a power plant, and the primary fuel is coal, you can capture the carbon dioxide and use it for oil recovery and receive a tax credit from this.

Williams also said that Texas has more wind power than all but four countries in the world. "Our wind power generators aren't perfect, but we're almost there," he said. 


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