Obama Comes to Texas As Bill White Takes Cover

August 9th is a big day for our President as he will be spotlighting a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Austin and then jetting off to Houston to promote a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraiser later that day. 

One would assume that a Democratic candidate would want to attend a function that headlines a U.S. President of the same political party, but this is not the case. Bill White does not want to be associated with the president (who is widely unpopular in the state of Texas), and has shrugged off an endorsement by Obama as little more than a celebrity endorsement.

However, just last year, Bill White was singing a different tune: he ran a newspaper ad in which he was photoshopped in between Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. This ad generated a lot of outrage from Houstonians: 

According to Republican Party of Texas Spokesperson, Bryan Preston:

"All this shows that Bill White is an unprincipled, fair-weather Washington politician. When the president was flying high, Bill White wanted to help him sell his extreme cap and trade policies or even work for his administration. White even ran an ad touting Obama's accomplishments, which have turned out now to be spending the country to the brink of bankruptcy and passing a health care takeover bill that Texans strongly oppose. But now that the president's poll numbers have tanked, Bill White's too busy to be seen with him while he's all too happy to reap the cash from Obama's appearances. He can run but can't hide from the fact the he and his party are Washington owned and operated."


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