Obama Promise EIGHT Times to Televise Health Care Negotiations . . . Pelosi Just Laughs

Democrats are still trying to meet behind closed doors for the reconciliation of the health care bill. But wasnt it Obama himself who promised the American people during his campaign that C-SPAN would cover the debate? See for yourself:

When Pelosi was questioned about Obamas promises, she awkwardly laughs and says, "There are a number of things he was for on the campaign trail." Wow, Pelosi! What an astounding defense!

Body language analyst Tonya Reiman analyzes Pelosis reaction to the C-SPAN inquiry on The OReilly Factor:

"She lost her composure completely. You know that because she touched her neck and she pretended to look around as the question was asked. Then she pulled away and closed her eyes for an extended time, showing she was not happy about the question. She always has a disconnect between her verbals and her non-verbals."


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