Obama's 2012 Presidential Campaign Fundraising Difficulties

In preparation for a tough election, Obama's advisers and the Democratic National Committee are contacting several of Obama’s earliest financial backers to discuss fundraising plans. However, raising money for the Obama campaign will not be as easy this election as it was for the 2008 election.

According to Politico:

“They are getting organized in Chicago to start a massive two-year campaign, which I believe will be successful, but has extraordinarily large challenges in some of the major states,” said Philadelphia philanthropist Peter Buttenweiser, who hosted one of the first Obama presidential fundraisers in 2007 and is in talks to organize an early one for the re-election.
Obama’s team is running into resistance in at least one key fundraising hub — New York City, where some of Obama’s biggest 2008 backers have bitterly protested last year’s passage of financial reform legislation and what they perceived as an unfair bad-mouthing of bankers during the debate.
...In other places, such as Pennyslvania, top donors say Obama has to get in line behind other candidates who need the cash more urgently...

One thing's for sure - Obama will not be able to campaign on promises of "Hope" and "Change" this time around!


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