Oil Spill News Advisory, Will The BP Oil Spill Affect Texas Shores?

TexasGOPVote attended a joint news conference with Harris, Galveston, and Brazoria county judges Tuesday to report on how the BP oil spill will affect Texas coasts. Regional port and Coast Guard officials also attended the meeting and discussed potential impacts to industry and public safety as well as the steps being taken to prepare for any potential impact from the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

US Coast Guard Captain Mark Woodring assured attendees of the conference,"We are prepared. We do have the advantage of having time on our side." He went on the report that the oil spill is 400 miles away and is being monitored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Harris County Judge Ed Emmett also mentioned, "We have no indication it's coming our way."

Even so, precautions have already been put in place, including surrounding the wetlands with floating barriers and placing buoys in the Gulf equipped with sensors that would give an early warning of approaching oil. 

A reporter asked whether claimed findings of washed up tar balls along Galveston and surrounding beaches could be due to the BP oil spill. Texas General Land officer Richard Arnhart said that tar balls have been known to wash up on Texas beaches due to small leaks in the Gulf and natural seepage, and he did not think the oil from the BP oil leak would have been the cause. Captain Woodring confirmed, explaining that the tar balls had been analyzed and are not from the spill. 

For the most part, officials did not think the oil spill will affect the Texas coasts, however, they are also unsure of the impact hurricane season could have on the oil spill's approach toward Texas.


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President Obama - aka the Teflon Trotskyist - today named a new Czar to handle this oil mess - and what a winner this one is -details at:


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Reference this amazing video                  http://www.youtube.com/user/cureusall


There is no doubt that America has the greatest innovators in the world but

the government has hired the dumbest technicians that refuse to adapt. The

Florida beaches could have been saved with hay. We have 11 carrier groups

sitting around drinking coffee and swapping tall tales. They could have ordered

the 4th fleet into the gulf and captured all the oil in the first week using hay,

hair, and sawgrass. Instead our elected politicians allowed BP to become a

terrorist creating giant oil plumes that are death traps to any living thing

that comes into contact with these plumes (oil particles mixed with chemical

dispersant that are suspended up to 400 feet below the water surface).


I feel sorry for Florida, Louisana, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Mexico. The

BP terrorist has attacked you all and now the oil plumes (underwater death clouds) will strike all of you.


For the East Coast, it is too late now because the gulf stream will tow these

oil plumes right up the East Coast. Enjoy the oil plumes all you East Coast residents. Your seafood will taste a little oily for the next year. They claim that chemical dispersant spices the food up a bit.

Of course BP terrorists have not given up and if their next attempt collapses the floor at the spill site then the 65 BILLION barrel well located 30,000 feet deep will gush into the gulf of Mexico all at once. Just in time for hurricane season. Sploosh!!!!!!!! Arrrghhhhhh!!!!!!!! Glub…Glub…Glubbbb!!!!!!


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