Paul Ryan's Roadmap

The following was sent in by a TexasGOPVote fan regarding the Paul Ryan (R-WI) roadmap:

Everyone that reads this website knows that the country is in extreme financial difficulty. There are many people out there calling for the ouster of incumbent politicians and many people wanting to take their place offering to do things better. But what is better? There are very few specifics being offered.
I believe most of us know in our hearts that some very difficult choices will have to be made if we are ever to change course. Are there any concrete suggestions out there? I believe there might be at least one to take a look at. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has drawn up a plan called a “Road Map” with very detailed plans to address the financial problems our government faces from taxation, social security, Medicare, health care, and the budget process.
Robert Samuelson of the Washington Post online made this comment, “Paul Ryan…..has yanked himself from obscurity by doing something no one else in Congress or apparently the White House has done: design a specific plan to control long-term government spending and budget deficits. That he stands virtually alone is a damning commentary on our politics.” And Kimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal says, “…what is inarguable is that Mr. Ryan’s plan is a real attempt to solve America’s biggest problems, with bold tax, health and entitlement reforms to put the country back on the path to solvency.”
I feel it is certainly worth our time to take a careful look at this plan and begin a serious discussion of what, if anything, we can support. What do you think?

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