President Obama’s Health Care Reform Bill

I issued this statement following the release of the White House’s health care reform bill yesterday:

The only thing that has changed about this health care proposal is its return address. President Obama has gone behind closed doors to combine the bills passed by the House and Senate, both of which were overwhelmingly rejected by the American people, to produce yet another spending bill that will undoubtedly suffer the same fate, as well.

One can only assume, given the secrecy of developing this latest version of Obamacare and the partisan attacks of the last few days, that the President is merely going through the motions of transparency and bipartisanship with Thursday’s summit serving more as a made-for-TV event than a serious policy discussion.

It’s time for the President and the Democratic Majority to heed the will of the American people and start fresh to deliver real bipartisan health reform that takes common sense steps to lower health care costs.


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