President Obama says "Keep the Change", or Why Democrats Must Go!

Recently, the New York Daily News reported that President Barrack Obama stopped into a New Jersey Deli for a sandwich while waiting to go on the daytime TV show, "The View".  The sandwich came to about $9 and some change.  President Obama allegedly paid with a $20 bill and said, "Keep the change!".

Mr. President, we couldn't agree with you more!  YOU CAN KEEP THE CHANGE!

The President campaigned on promises of change with little account of what that change would be.  Now we have two years of history to look back on to see just what "change" he had in mind.

Houston Radio Talkshow Host, Michael Berry (AM 740 and 950) spent a few weeks looking into all the "change" and came up with a list far longer than we can reasonably discuss here.   However, the highlights from his two hour radio show have been condensed into a couple of YouTube video's for your enjoyment.

Author's note:  Michael Berry has a unique style of satire and editorial comment.  His views reflect his own and should not be construed as representing mine or any other sane human being.  Proceed at your own risk...   

Special thank you to YouTube Videographer Justadeputy for putting these clips together. 


Michael Berry - Why Democrats Must Go!

(Part 1)



(Part 2)




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Excellent videos Bob!  Thank you... Keep up the good work, we need to break the CHAINS!

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