23rd Congressional District of Texas

The 23rd Congressional District is the largest district in Texas and one of the largest in the country, stretching from San Antonio through the southwestern portion of Texas.

The two publicized Republican candidates to run against Democratic incumbent Ciro Rodriguez in the primaries are Francisco 'Quico' Canseco and William Hurd. Joseph Mack Gould and Robert Charles Lowry have also reported to be running in the primary.

Why is this an election to watch?

  1. This is a Democratic seat that can be overthrown by a Republican candidate. Republicans had control of this district from 1993 until Republican Henry Bonilla was defeated in the 2006 election by Democrat Ciro Rodriguez by a small margin of 54% to 46%.
  2. This is a district with a Latino majority swing vote population (55%) that the GOP can target. A huge factor in Republican Henry Bonilla's defeat was his falling out with the Latino population in his district. The Latinos felt that Bonilla could no longer relate to their culture, and in a year of illegal immigration issues and a proposed border fence, they left the Republican side and voted Democratic. 

District 23 needs a Republican candidate that will regain the Latino vote in order to win the election; and a Republican candidate that embraces the TexasGOPVote positions will have the best chance of doing so!




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