Questionable Conduct by Democrat Activists SEIU Continue at Ripley House in Houston - Voters should be vigilant

SEIU Member inside distance markerFor the third time this week, problems are reported at the Ripley House early voting location. This location is in the heart of the area where fraudulant voter registration was alleged to have occured, so members of the voting public are very vigilant about irregularities that could effect the outcome of a very close election between Republican Fernando Herrera and Liberal Democrat Incumbent Jessica Farrar. This is also in the heart of the 18th Congressional District race.

Mr. Eddie Gallegos observed some potential violations of election code by SEIU members who were seen repeatedly loitering inside the 100' restricted area while wearing their SEIU shirts. While they claim to be non-partisan, everyone knows SEIU is a strong Democrat supporter and these shirts should not be allowed inside the distance marker and the activists like SEIU members pictured inside the area should not be allowed to loiter and speak with voters inside the building and the distance marker.



Special thanks to Mr. Gallegos for supplying me this video to let you know what is going on at Ripley House. As you will hear in the video, plans are in the works for a big turnout on Saturday. So far, turnout here has been very low (200-300 per day). I would encourage politically active people to come help watch for problems at this location as there are multiple entrances on two sides of this building that need to be watch for illegal activities. If you would like to be a poll watcher, contact the campaign of Fernando Herrera or John Faulk, or the Harris County Republican Party and download the Official Poll Watcher's Guide from the Texas Secretary of State.


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Thank you for your diligence and effort.  I've heard statistics that the GOP needs to win by 3-5% due to all the fraud.  This is deplorable. I hope everyone sees this. I will forward to all I know.

Actually, by definition, what these people were doing does not constitute "loitering".  You readily observe that they are going in and out of the building.  "Loitering" would imply that they were going in and idly standing by in there.  No one is able to say this occurred.  For all we know, they were going in there to use the restroom, which is certainly not prohibited by the Texas Election Code.

Bobby L. Warren
Attorney at Law

I received a comment from the above named reader.  Unfortunately because of the swearing in the posting I will have to censor it for appropriate content and then address the reader's comments.

"You (censored) idiots don’t even know that this polling location is in the  29th Congressional District and not the 18th. Stay your retarded (censored) in the suburbs where you inbreds belong. You probably never even voted before so the whole experience is foreign to you. You wouldn’t know voter fraud if it (censored)." -
Second Ward Voter

I would like to point out to the misinformed (and foul-mouthed) individual who wrote this that during early voting, the polling locations in a county are used for multiple districts!  Any voter in the county can vote at any polling location in the county.  On election day, however, you have to vote at your own precinct.  I bet his/her mother is embarrassed...


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