Quico Canseco Turns His Campaign Office Into a Phone Bank For Scott Brown!

Quico Canseco, a contender for Texas Congressional District 23, one of the TexasGOPVote 2010 primary races to watch, is providing his support and resources to help Scott Brown win the Massachusetts senatorial race against Martha Coakley. Howdy from Texas!

In south Texas, Republican House challenger Quico Canseco is converting his campaign offices into a phone bank for Brown. As of Thursday morning, Canseco’s campaign said the Saturday and Sunday call times had been filled and that the campaign expected the Monday and Tuesday slots to be filled soon as well. Volunteers will use phone numbers from a list supplied by Brown’s campaign.
“Mr. Brown is going to have 15 phones constantly manned in his effort,” Canseco, who is challenging Democratic Rep. Ciro Rodriguez, said in an interview.
“I think there is a lot of sui generis energy that’s arising all over the country,” said Canseco. “I think what Scott Brown captured echoes the groundswell we’re seeing here in south Texas.”

Way to be a team player Quico!


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