Republicans and Libertarians Must Unite

This comment was sent in from TexasGOPVote fan, Mary Weeks, in response to the post, "Will Crypto-Libertarianism Doom the Republican Party?"

We don't need a 3rd party. It doesn't work. When three parties run, ideologies are too split up. No true majority ever wins. Republicans need to embrace the Libertarian movement and adopt the important constitutional principles that Libertarians support.
The truth is, if the federal government only handled the matters that are enumerated in the Constitution, social matters like gay rights, state health insurance, legalization of drugs, and abortion would be left up to the states to decide. This is a good thing. It's the way the country was designed.
When you vote at the state level, your vote matters. It is not diluted in the entire country's population. If your state runs a conservative or liberal social agenda, it doesn't affect the other states, who are free to legislate whatever social agenda they choose.
Let's stop wasting time with a social agenda for the federal government and start working together for fiscal responsibility.
By the way, I am ideologically a conservative Libertarian. I vote straight-ticket Republican because voting Libertarian only splits our votes and gets Bill Clintons elected. The Democrats and their socialist agenda are indeed the extreme opposite of the libertarian ideology, and Republicans will do well to unite with Libertarians to stop this socialist agenda.
Stop quibbling about social issues and let's see how we can get the federal government out of such matters completely, so that our states can focus on their own local governance. If the federal government is downsized, we will have more of our own money to do so.



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