NBC Butchers Pledge of Allegiance

During the U.S. Open coverage on NBC Sunday, the network aired a patriotic montage with children saying the Pledge of Allegiance in the background. However, NBC forgot a few little words, namely "under God."

Sorry, NBC, but you got it wrong this time.

Within hours, the network's social media outlets were flooded with protest against NBC for "forgetting" to include these important words.

NBC's announcer issued an on-air apology within three hours of the airing of the montage, which shows just how much grief the network had already received from viewers. The announcer claimed that the "feature was edited" and "not done to upset anyone."

Naturally, NBC is being defended by individuals who claim our country is a secular nation and claiming separation of church and state.

Time to rehash the classic "under God" debate.

While our nation was founded partly to get away from religious prosecution, it was founded as a Christian nation -- no if, ands or buts about it. And whether or not you believe our country is still a Christian nation, observe the fact that a monotheistic god is not solely a Christian concept.

President Abraham Lincoln used the words "under God" in the Gettsyburg Address. In 1954, Lincoln's words were added to the Pledge of Allegiance.

Multiple court cases have gone in favor of those against saying these words or reciting the pledge in its entirety. While we can argue that this is unpatriotic, the Constitution grants us all freedom of speech. It's one's prerogative whether or not they wish to recite the pledge.

So if you don't want to recite the pledge, don't. Easy. That's what the Constitution says.

However, another important document also says that we are "endowed by [our] Creator with certain unalienable Rights," but I haven't heard anyone asking if we can remove those words. Have you?

NBC failed to respect the legislation passed in 1954 and butchered our pledge. "Under God" simply reiterates the basis which our country was founded on. If you have a problem with that, either stop the nitpicking and political correctness or find another country that grants as many freedoms as ours.


Great article Danielle, thanks for writing it!

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I don't care if they apologized, apparently this was a deliberate act to undermine our freedoms once again.  I stand proud and salute the flag, I have a member of my family who has fought for our country in every war going back to the revolution! What an insult to our soldiers, and every CITIZEN of this country

BOY COT NBC, they are not patriotic, they messed with our Pledge, I think there needs to be a Nation Wide Boycot until they get it right

A country without God is powerless!  Great article Danielle.  Praise God that so many called and complained.  When the last of God's Chosen, accepts Christ as their Lord and Savior, the Christian shield will be gone and then you will see a world like you have never seen before!  We know the end of the story!  
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God bless America!

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