MTV’s “Little Ball of Cells” Sounds Very Familiar

A few days ago MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” featured a young woman discussing her decision to have an abortion. Nationally televised, we heard the after show reaffirmation by Dr. Drew Pinsky that abortion was indeed an option among adoption and giving birth. Of course we know the legality of abortion but the show was not focusing on whether it is legal or not, the show’s focus was on the cultural acceptance of it. During the show, the young girl is shown expressing mixed emotions, explaining that there was pressure on women, and it was from society. The one thing that struck me throughout was that the clinic’s use of the term “Little ball of cells” is very familiar to the terminology used by some in the immigration debate on the 14th amendment.


For years, the same network that has been pushing the abortion cause has funded the rhetoric that is fueling the 14th amendment discussion. From John Tanton, the Pioneer Fund, and FAIR funders being board of directors of Planned Parenthoods across the nation, the dehumanizing mentality which promotes abortion is also pushing forth a sinister point of view in the immigration debate. For a while many Republicans have paid no attention to terms like “anchor baby” or “dropping babies” because those who use the terms have not commanded any respect from the Party itself. Now legislation is about to be introduced to begin the firestorm on this issue, and its pedigree, its creators are those who began the movement to dehumanize birth. A year ago I was contacted by a fellow Republican who was very hard-line on the immigration issue. She had attended a NumbersUSA meeting and was very appalled by the content of the meeting. She was surprised because she was standing for her point of view due to a desire to uphold the rule of law, but those who were holding the meeting were pushing the idea that Latinos were unable to assimilate into Western Society. Michael Savage for years has been pushing this idea of the Latino community being a tribalistic society, and so have others who use the veil of conservatism to hide their true agenda. To this day, MSNBC has not released the conversation between the Discovery Channel hostage taker and the news editor which included a rant about immigrants, anchor babies and extreme environmentalism. The left has successfully hijacked the immigration issue on all fronts and it is time to fight back with true conservative principles to solve the issue. For some it will be difficult since many weak leaders have built their reputations by using the true conservative vacuum on the immigration issue to their political advantage. It will be very difficult for these “conservatives” to maintain their position and talking points after we explore the issue with the intent of actually solving it.


The birth of a child used to be explained as being out of love, the desire to establish a family, or because of our natural impulse to continue our existence after we die. It is now being categorized by some extremists as an act of animals, viruses or cold, financial calculators seeking payment. It is disgusting to see some try to convince Republicans with their twisted logic, trying to still prey on the weak side of our human nature. There are other reasons why this movement must be stopped, and I will present it over the next few weeks as the issue becomes hot in our media. The very soul of the Republican Party and the conservative movement is at stake here.


At the beginning of a pregnancy the embryo does not look like much. However by the 5th week a heartbeat starts. The body starts forming its organs, the brain develops. This ball of cells will not form into a frog, a fish, a monkey. It is human from the moment of conception.
So many girls and young women either are ignorant of how easy it is to conceive, or don't care. It is selfish to run down to the abortion clinic when the mistake could be prevented. It is selfishness of the doctors to be in this business to get rid of the problem. Abortion is not painless. Many, if not most, will later morn the child they aborted.
There are so many abused children in the foster care system. The problem is not lack of abortion. There is a lack of adoptive children, especially anglo babies. College girls need to be mature, and consider not abortion but putting their babies up for adoption. My daughter in law had a hysterectomy a year after marriage. She and my son long for a child. Please, consider adoption!

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