Suzanne McDaniel: A Hero to Victims

Mr. Speaker, I rise to celebrate the life of a friend and someone who changed the lives of victims throughout the Nation.

Suzanne McDaniel appeared in many courts years ago as one of the first persecutor-based victims assistance directors in the State of Texas. She went on to start the Texas Crime Victims Clearinghouse, the first of its kind anywhere in the United States.

In recognition of her incredible work, she was tapped as the State’s crime victim information officer, educating and influencing the community and the State legislature with her vast knowledge of victims’ issues. This led to her role as a legislative liaison for the State coalition of victim organizations and her leadership on the board of the National Organization of Victim Assistance.

Suzanne’s accomplishments are far reaching, touching lives in Texas and throughout our Nation. A crime victim wrote: "Suzanne feels everyone is important and needed in the fight to improve assistance for crime victims."

I have never heard her say, It’s not my job. In fact, she has never been shy about poking her nose into things and offering assistance. Her enthusiasm and dedication is boundless.

Mr. Speaker, her work will continue to touch crime victims for many years to come, and victims are safer in America because of Suzanne McDaniel and her life.

And that’s just the way it is.


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