Biden Protecting Illegal Terrorists

Last week, I discovered a ludicrous new policy that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has implemented to protect potential terrorists in our country illegally.

DHS is blocking me and other members on the House Homeland Security Committee from receiving information on foiled terrorist plots, like the recent assassination attempt of George W. Bush and a planned attack on a 4th of July Parade in Richmond, VA. 

Both of these foiled attacks were planned by non-citizens who entered our country illegally.

Instead of briefing our committee on the attacks and the planned assailants, DHS has decided to withhold information on terror plots from Congress unless we obtain privacy release waivers from the suspected “criminal non-citizens” involved.

If the 9/11 hijackers were caught on September 10, 2001, would we have waited for the terrorist to sign-off before briefing Congress? 

This Administration’s first priority should be ensuring the safety of American communities, not protecting the supposed ‘privacy’ of terrorists.

Republican Leader John Katko, Rep. Mayra Flores, and I will not tolerate this ludicrous policy. Read more about our letter and call for answers here.


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