Cornyn: Border Security Rhetoric Impressive, Results Pathetic

The rhetoric from Washington has been impressive, but the results have been pathetic. The reality on the ground in Texas and in other border states has been quite different.

Until Congress acknowledges our credibility problem when it comes to enforcing our immigration laws, including border security, and until such time as we take serious action to fix it, we're never going to get true immigration reform.

And we will never be able to pat ourselves on the back and say, "You know what? This is not going to happen again."

My amendment goes beyond mere promises and platitudes. It demands results and it creates a mechanism for ensuring them.

Unfortunately, many of our colleagues don't want a real trigger when it comes to border security. Above all, they want a pathway to citizenship, and I'm not convinced beyond that they have much concern for whether we keep our promises with regard to border security.

They are hoping that once again, once again the American people will put their faith in empty promises, but the time for empty promises is over when it comes to our broken immigration system.

If we're ever going to push immigration reform across the finish line, which I want to do, we need to guarantee results, and my amendment does that.

I would contend, Mr. President, that rather than my amendment being the poison pill, the failure to pass a credible provision ensuring border security and interior enforcement, that will be the poison pill that causes immigration reform to die. That is not a result that I want.

I want us to see a solution. I do not want the status quo because the status quo is broken. It serves no one's best interests.

We've had 27 years of input since the 1986 amnesty and we still don't have secure borders, and now it's beyond time to guarantee, not just for promises or inputs, but real outputs.

In other words, my amendment is not a poison pill. It's the antidote because it's the only way we're ever going to truly have bipartisan immigration reform.



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