Honduran Mother Explains Why She Illegally Entered US with Her Child

FALFURRIAS, Texas—Shortly after her capture following a police chase, a Honduran mother explained why she put her ten-year-old son’s life in danger by bringing him to Texas via human smuggling. Deputies with the Brooks County Sheriff’s Department discovered the van packed with about 25 people shortly before they were to be dropped off by the coyote for a three to four day march through dry desert-like ranch lands with temperatures approaching the one hundred degrees.

In the video below, Deputy Elias Pompa asked the Honduran woman about her decision to come to Texas.

Following is a translation of her comments:

"Why did I bring [my kids] when the journey is so dangerous? I'll tell you. Because where we live is very dangerous, with gangs and all that. We think that it's very different here in the United States; it's safer. It's also a better future for my son. If not for that, we wouldn't leave.

“There, you can't start a business because the gangs charge you [an extortion fee], and there's no money; we're poor. So if you can, maybe with borrowed money, you come here to the United States for a better future for your kids. If it was just me, it would be different. But to move ahead and secure a future for my son, the only boy I have, then I'll accept the risks on this path."

Following her statement, Breitbart Texas asked her if she had heard about the rumors of amnesty if she made it to the United States. "No. no one has told me anything like that," she responded.

She was then asked what she thought was going to happen to her now. "I don't know, only God knows," she replied sadly.

When asked if she had family in the United States she responded "In all honesty and sincerity, just my husband. He's in Houston."

In other conversations with the woman, she was asked about the smuggling process and what was about to happen when we stopped her van. She replied the smugglers had told her they were going to drop her off to walk around the Border Patrol checkpoint. She was told it would be about a 30 minute walk. She was stunned when we told her she was about to embark on a three to four day march to get around the checkpoint and that if she and her son were unable to keep up, they would be left behind to die.

Deputies with the Brooks County Sheriff’s Office say this is a common reaction. Volunteer Reserve Deputy Daniel Walden, who engaged the vehicle in the chase, said they are all told it will be a very short walk around the checkpoint. "Clearly that is not the case," Walden said.

Last month, 12 bodies were found in this county. Brooks County Chief Deputy Bennie Martinez told Breitbart Texas they estimate they find about one in ten of the people who die in these South Texas fields. The ones who make it through the county and make their way to Houston often find they will be held in a stash house while the smugglers demand additional ransom from the families who sponsored their journey. Often the women are forced into performing sexual acts for money to pay their debt if the families are not able to pay the ransom.

Breitbart Texas is returning to Brooks County this weekend to continue the search for the illegal immigrants who are often left to die in Brooks County.

Originally published on Breitbart Texas.


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