Senator Judd Gregg Needs to Shut His Mouth

Retiring Republican Senator, Judd Gregg, of New Hampshire is a shining example of where the Republican Party has gone wrong. Judd’s Eastern establishment mindset and his wishy-washy statement about the need to compromise on the Obama health care plan, rather than attempt to repeal it, is the way the Eastern establishment Republicans can place the hoped-for and likely Republican victory on November 2nd in jeopardy.

First, it was Karl Rove bad-mouthing Delaware Senate candidate, Christine O'Donnell on Fox News. Before that, the National Senate Republican Campaign Committee backing of Primary-losing Senator Lisa Murkowski over the Primary-winner, Joe Miller. The NRSCC’s initial rush to back Florida’ s former governor, Republican turncoat and Obama supporter, Charlie Crist, over conservative Marco Rubio.

Judd’s departure is good riddance and any advice he has to share on his way out should be ignored. We already know that Obamacare cannot be repealed outright by the congress due to the presidential veto which we do not have the strength to override. To publicly speculate two weeks before the election any Republican strategy for dealing with Obamacare is stupid, premature and plays into the hands of the Dimocrats. There is still the hope of repeal through the courts in regard to the unconstitutional governmental edict that everyone be required to purchase health insurance whether or not they want it.

It is unfortunate that Senator Judd will still be in the Senate during the lame duck session! May God give the winning candidates the courage to stand for right principle and do everything they can to get this Marxist-Socialist direction of our nation back on track so that liberty may survive!


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