Senator Pat Toomey addresses CPAC - Calls for American Exceptionalism

Sen. Pat Toomey - PhotoSen. Pat Toomey R-PA Talked about his decision to run against Sen. Spector. He felt Republicans were not following the Conservative agenda they were elected to uphold. "We don't have to apoligize for being conservative. And, we can win.

Now it is the time for us to govern and this will be tough." Democrats have grown government by 25% in past two years. To Obama, We must cut the budget by $100 million like you said you would.

Talking about raising debt limit. Must be accompanied by spending cuts. Failure to raise the debt ceiling will not mean default. Called for a balanced budget amendment.

Calls for CPAC to urge representatives to support BBA.

Telling an interesting derivation of the "Little Red Hen" fable comparing excellence and self reliance to the harmful effects of socialism.

We must stop Cap and Trade. Stop the Regulatory Reform bill. And must stop government subsidies.

Calls for Tax Cuts to be made permanent.

Government's don't create wealth! Wealth has always come from the efforts of individuals.

Don't let anyone tell you that your one voice cannot make a difference. Told the story of Rosa Parks and the difference she made as one person taking a stand.

No European style collectivism. More of American exceptionalism! The source of our greatness is the founding ideals of our Constitution. Each of us has a sacred obligation of handing over to our kids a better country than was given to us. I still belive in us.


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