Senators Unveil New Climate Change Bill

As has been previously blogged by John Cornyn, the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill, which Obama has proclaimed to be a "win-win-win-win-win" proposition, will have detrimental effects on the Texas economy.

Well now a group of Democratic senators are proposing another climate change bill written by Senator John Kerry called the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act- a bill that the Democrats claim will "put Americans first."

...The required reductions would reduce global warming pollution by 20 percent from 2005 levels by 2020, slightly more than the 17 percent in the House bill, and 83 percent by 2050, the level consistent with what scientific studies say will be necessary to prevent destructive warming that brings coastal inundation, more frequent heat waves, extinction of species and other results of a climate shift.

However, how will a bill that will burden the economy, specifically the economy of Texas, really "put Americans first?" Furthermore, is global warming really something we need to worry about right now, or is it something the Democrats are forcing upon us as an excuse to pass their heavily taxing climate change bills?


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