StopPROP1 rolls out a MONSTER AD!

The media guys at have rolled out another great video showing what a MONSTER Houston's Proposition 1 will be. The "Rain Tax" that will be imposed on every person, business, church, school, hospital and charitable organization in Houston will be a monstrous growth of city government. It is an Obama/Pelosi style proposition that hides all the details until after the proposition passes.

Former Houston Police Chief, now City Councilman CO Bradford, who opposes Prop 1, stated there is no limit on what the fee could be. Could be $2 per home, could be $100.  Mayor Parker wants you to trust her and pass the proposal so we can figure out how it will work later. Has she been taking legislative training from Queen Nancy Pelosi?

If Proposition 1 passes, every month a monster of a bill will be added to your water bill, which has already been raised 40% this year!

See what a monster Prop 1 will be.  Early Voting has begun.  VOTE AGAINST BIG GOVERNMENT UNCONTROLLED SPENDING THAT BENEFITS SPECIAL INTERESTS!  Vote AGAINST Proposition 1!

Click here to see the video on the Stop Proposition 1 Facebook Page, then click the like button on the stop prop 1 page to show your support!  


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