"System worked" er "didn't work" er is anyone working?

After telling CNN on Sunday that "the system worked" in the wake of the attempted terrorist attack on Northwest airlines flight 253 on Christmas day, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano reversed her position on Monday and explained "our system did not work in this instance." According to the Telegraph,

"Her embarrassing U-turn underlined the government's tepid and confused response to the near-catastrophic incident on board Northwest airlines Flight 253"

and that according to Peter King, a congressman from New York,

"We're now what, 72 hours into this? And the President has not spoken, the Vice President has not spoken the Attorney General has not spoken and Janet Napolitano has now told two different stories in two days."

Worked? Didn't work? Or no one working? Which was the Administration's position 72 hours after the incident? All of the above?

Thank you, Congressman King, for actually working to help inform the public as to what is happening and what they really should be concerned about!


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