Texas GOP Chairman Calls on Cuellar to Support an Investigation of White House Job Offer Scandals

Reported by Republican Party of Texas:

Republican Party of Texas Chairman Cathie Adams called on on Rep. Henry Cuellar Friday to support an investigation into the unfolding Obama administration's job offer scandals.

“As a Member on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Cuellar needs to answer immediately whether or not he will support a full investigation into Obama Administration officials offering candidates jobs to bow out of contested races,” said Chairman Adams.

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Ranking Member Darrell Issa sent a letter to White House Counsel Robert Bauer requesting the White House provide a “full and complete list of all elections in which the White House engaged in efforts to persuade specific candidates to drop election bids and if a job or any other thing of value meant to entice a candidate to withdraw from or not to enter the race was offered, [to] specify to whom it was offered, and by whom it was offered” as well as all “written commitment to preserve all records and communications related to any attempts by the White House to clear the field in Democratic primary elections.” (Oversight and Government Reform Minority Press Release, 6/3/10)

Chairman Adams added, “Given Cuellar’s position on Oversight and Government Reform, his silence on the issue is deafening. Cuellar must immediately let the public know if he supports a full investigation into the White House’s efforts to persuade candidates in specific races. As an elected official on the House Committee on Oversight and Government, it’s the least Cuellar can do for Texas."


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