Texas GOP Featured Voice: John Carter

Congressman John R. Carter was first elected in 2002 to represent Texas' Thirty-First Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives and re-elected by large margins in 2004, 2006, and 2008. Congressman Carter has established himself as a leader in Congress who has the foresight and courage to author and support numerous pieces of legislation that would increase the protection of U.S. citizens and bring justice to those who threaten our freedom and way of life.

Congressman Carter was unanimously elected by his peers to serve in the House Republican leadership as the House Republican Conference Secretary for the 110th and 111th Congress. In this position, Congressman Carter holds the sixth most powerful position among House Republicans.

At the beginning of the 109th Congress, Congressman Carter was elected to serve on the prestigious House Appropriations Committee by the House Republican Steering Committee. On the Appropriations Committee, Congressman Carter sits on the two subcommittees, which benefit the 31st District: Military Quality of Life and Veterans Affairs, formerly known as Military Construction, and Homeland Security. During the 108th Congress, Congressman Carter was a member of the House Education and the Workforce, Judiciary, and Government Reform Committees.

Carter also continues to serve on the House Republican Steering Committee, an official group of members who are in charge of placing members on committees. Carter has been honored to serve on this select panel since being elected to Congress.

Congressman Carter's leadership ability has been recognized by his colleagues and others. During his first term, Congressman Carter was named one of the "Top Five Freshman" in Congress by Capitol Hill's leading newspaper.

For Congressman Carter, leadership goes far beyond the committee room and onto the House floor, where he has successfully had legislation passed and signed into law by President George W. Bush. Bringing to Congress 20 years of judicial experience, Congressman Carter has consistently worked to advance a tough stance on the  crime agenda.

In July 2004, President Bush held a signing ceremony for Congressman Carter's Identity Theft bill at the White House.

The law lessens the burden of proof making identity theft easier to prove and prosecute and also defines and creates punishment for aggravated identity theft.

Congressman Carter bears the nickname of "Judge" on Capitol Hill and at home for serving over 20 years on the bench. In 1981, Congressman Carter was appointed the judge of the 277th District Court of Williamson County and was elected District Judge in 1982. Before becoming a Judge, Congressman Carter had a successful private law practice and continued to practice law while serving as the Municipal Judge in Round Rock. He was the first county-wide elected Republican in Williamson County history. As an attorney, Carter represented the Round Rock and Williamson County communities through their first booming phases of growth and continues to support and guide today's growth. Congressman Carter has seen the economy both rise and fall and has a plan to assist the residents in Congressional District 31 to ensure their prosperity.

A true Texan at heart, Congressman Carter was born and raised in Houston and has spent his adult life in Central Texas. Carter attended Texas Tech University where he graduated with a degree in History and then graduated from the University of Texas Law School in 1969. Congressman Carter and his wife, Erika, met in Holland and have been happily married since June 15, 1968. Since then they have built a home and raised a family of four on Christian beliefs and strong Texas Values.

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