Texas Representative Aaron Pena Begins Legislative Session as the 100th Member of the Republican Caucus

Republican Texas Representative Aaron PenaWhen Texas State Representative Aaron Pena switched to the Republican Party recently, he became the 100th member of the Republican Caucus of the State House of Representatives. This ensured that Republicans would have a super majority in the Texas House. Perhaps it also signaled a new beginning. The beginning of a movement of Hispanic Conservatives in South Texas to the Republican Party.

Here is Rep. Pena on the floor of the Texas House on opening day of the 2011 legislative session. It was very chaotic on the floor before the opening gavel so please excuse the noise.

Having grown up in South Texas in the seventies when there were few if any Republicans in my home of Rockport, I understand what it takes to be a Republican where Republicans are not welcome. Mr. Pena has shown a strong commitment to leadership. I hope his presence as a Republican Legislator from Texas' border region will serve as a beacon to other Conservatives in South Texas to come home to the party that truly represents their values and principles. Mr. Pena, thank you for setting a great example!


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