I am proud to join Senators Cornyn and Cruz in recognizing the dedication and commitment that produced 80 years of excellence at Sheppard.
This escalation of bullying of the bravest and most self-sacrificing among us threatens national security.
The HMMWV accident that occurred at Fort Bragg, which killed a soldier and injured four others, is completely unacceptable when the technology exists to mitigate these accidents.
I am humbled to receive the Frank M. Tejeda Congressional Leadership Award. I have witnessed the contributions of our great Reserve forces from my days as the Mayor of Fort Worth to my years in the United States Congress....
As we look to the battlefields of tomorrow, the groundbreaking work from Wright-Patt will determine what capabilities we have and simultaneously, shape our systems for the future.
One of the tenets of our military is to leave no person behind and here we are, from the President’s own directive, leaving thousands of Americans behind.
The deadline needs to be that the United States doesn't leave Afghanistan until all Americans come home.
My heartfelt prayers are with our American citizens President Biden has disregarded, and for our heroic military who served in Afghanistan struggling with increased traumatic stress, some even calling my office and weeping,...
There are a lot of foreign policy options between nation building and giving up. We found the proper balance in recent years—maintaining a small force that propped up the Afghan government while also giving us the capability...
It's men and women that are willing to raise their hands and put themselves in harm's way, that makes our country so great.
Read Lt. Col. Scheller’s Statement at Special Court Martial Trial
I recently joined Texas radio host Chad Hasty in an interview about the absurd provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act and my efforts to get Republicans to oppose them.
A Marine lieutenant colonel who was imprisoned for criticizing military leadership about the withdrawal from Afghanistan, during which a suicide attack left 13 soldiers dead, has been formally charged with six violations of...
As an Air Force veteran, I understand the incessant need for our military to have access to top tier technology to defend our country.
We are saving lives and creating jobs in TX-04 by authorizing this procurement to the safety of our HMMWVs.
My prayers are with the families of the service members killed in action in Kabul. To those who give the last full measure of devotion in service to this Republic, its citizens owe a debt of gratitude that we can never fully...
The terror attacks at the Kabul international airport on Thursday killed 13 U.S. service members and scores of civilians.
Letting the Taliban dictate our military strategy is an absolute disgrace. We have a commitment to every American and Afghan ally to get them out safely.
On Monday I joined fellow members of the bipartisan For Country Caucus for a press conference to urge President Biden to keep U.S. troops on the ground until all Americans and allies are evacuated from Afghanistan.
The Pentagon's press secretary has just confirmed that - as expected - the DoD will now require all troops across the armed services to get the vaccine.



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