BlueGreen Alliance: Labor Unions and Greens Unite

President Obama and his Democratic party’s radical environmental agenda are killing American jobs and the economy. Robust economies require bountiful and dependable energy to run industries and to create jobs, but regulatory abuses by the Environmental Protection Agency, Executive Orders such as the White House Rural Council and Obama’s “stimulus” funding that filled the pockets of campaign donors with taxpayer money to build solar factories that have since gone bankrupt are purposely destroying the American economy.

Two constituencies of the liberal Democratic political base are peddling their radical green agenda at the United Nations Climate Change meeting in Durban, South Africa. American labor unions and environmental organizations have formed a BlueGreen Alliance to ostensibly advocate for green jobs in a green economy, but it is more likely that the purpose of their new alliance is to enhance the shrinking union rolls.

Union leaders should know that dependable and plentiful energy is necessary to create jobs and that the radical environmentalists are working to destroy the energy that fires their industrial jobs. They should also know that undependable energy sources like wind and solar have never successfully replaced dependable sources like coal, nuclear, natural gas and hydroelectric.

Even so, at an alliance press conference in Durban, an American union leader accused right wing talk show hosts and think tanks of “assaulting” both workers and the economy, as they turned a blind eye to their true enemy: their “environmental partners.”

The union leader bragged that with the help of their environmental partners, they beat back anti-union efforts in Wisconsin and Ohio. He irrationally added that to win future battles, the unions will work to protect of the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation of carbon dioxide.

In turn, the radical environmentalists have promised to help the unions pass the Obama administration’s American Energy Production & Infrastructure Jobs Bill that includes vehicle fuel efficiency standards and a host of rail, freight and port endeavors. They also promised to support the labor unions’ demand to include Davis-Bacon wage requirements in the legislation.

The BlueGreen Alliance illogically believes the unsubstantiated claim that the Obama Administration’s new 54.5 miles per gallon fuel efficiency standard by 2025 will create 150,000 American jobs through the end of the decade. In reality, free markets have declared the new battery-operated Chevrolet “Volt” an abject failure. The corrupt stimulus-funded green energy projects that filled Obama’s campaign supporter’s pockets have gone bankrupt and added thousands of workers to unemployment roles.

It is irrefutable that reliable energy is the key to economic growth and job creation, regardless the utopian dreams of the new BlueGreen Alliance. If the unions want job creation, then they should form an alliance with energy producers, rather than with those who are working to destroy the energy sources that power the industries that sustain their jobs.

Government largess has failed miserably to create jobs and more government regulations will only fulfill candidate Barak Obama’s promise to “fundamental transform” America, which is to bankrupt energy producers so that we can be just as poor as the Third World.


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