Update from US Border Watch on Laredo Los Zetas Story

The US Border Watch investigation continues into the story, or non-story about the alleged takeover of two Laredo area ranches. To this point, all direct confirmations indicate the story did not happen. We still have a couple of loose ends to tie up and hope to do that soon.

The real story is, why is this a story and more importantly, why is it a believable story? The reason it is believable: The American people have lost faith in the government to secure our country from attack. Even though this story appears to be false, it is VERY believable.

Here is what does appear to be true at this time. It does appear there was a call to the Webb County Sheriff's Office for some reported trouble that the sheriff’s department responded to. I have not been able to talk to the Sheriff's Office about the details of that call. It appears the response to the call was a brief investigation by US Border Patrol and the Webb County Sheriff's Office. Most likely the Texas DPS as well. The result of the investigation is that nothing was wrong. Perhaps the call was in response to gunfire being heard from across the river. I have not yet been able to confirm this.

We have been invited to come check this out for ourselves by the Laredo Police Department. They told us they would welcome our visit and show us whatever we need to see. Arrangements for this trip are ongoing at this time.

As more information develops, I will keep you posted as promised.

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Is because people are conditioned to be afraid by fearmongering Republicans like Rick Perry and by blog posts like this.

It's good to see folks on the other side of the aisle coming out and helping to debunk this garbage being posted by right wing extremists and "patriots for profit", such as it is.
But is it enough? I live in Nuevo Laredo and happened to be home at the time this event allegedly occurred. Despite knowing how ridiculous the whole thing sounded, I nontheless made some calls to folks I know in law enforcement and who work and own property in the area this was supposed to be happening in.
My sources in LE are  not in the command structure. Simply various beat cops with LPD, WCSO and the Border Patrol. And too a man, and one woman, they knew absolutely nothing about this. Good enough for me even though an event of this size with the alleged call out would have been common knowledge within the Laredo LE community. It simply didn't happen.
I also called a friend and owner of a medium size trucking company who has offices and terminals close to where this was supposedly happening on Mines Road. His family also owns acreage close to and around the Minerales annex area. Javier also confimed all was quiet and nothing was happening in the area. His word is gold as far as I am concerned.
But still, I left the house, crossed the border at the Colombia bridge crossing and drove south on Mines Road/FM1472. No helicopters. No SWAT response vehicles. Just the normal BP out doing it's thing and cross border trucks pulling trailers both directions.
Bottom line, this never happened. Now we see that DVORAK has come out with what is alleged to be a screenshot from some police computer. Replete with mispellings and verbiage that you would not see on a blotter screen nor a 911 call screen. And we're expected to believe her?
Of course, other wingnuts such as Digger Amato are swearing it's a coverup at the behest of Obama and his administration. I continue to be amazed at how the President can have his finger on the pulse of every single insignificant event in America and be responsible for it.
My assessment of the situation is Dvorak, a rabid Tea Party member and Minuteman groupie perpetrated this hoax to try and help others get bill similar to SB-1070 passed in our great state. It won't happen, but hell, a little fearmongering never hurt anyone when the facts don't fit their version of the truth.http://immigrationclearinghouse.org/dvorak-examiner-com-continue-the-los-zetas-takeover-of-laredo-are-ranch-hoax/


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