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As a candidate in the Republican Primary for governor, Debra Medina captured the attention and affection of Texans. She has dedicated a considerable amount of her adult life to the pursuit of public policy that promotes limited government and the protection of the freedoms and prosperity envisioned by our nation's founders.

Debra continues to give voice to the freedom movement as she champions the ideas of Jefferson and Madison in the fight for state sovereignty. She pushes the political dialog beyond rhetoric to the issues at the heart of the public policy debate, "what is the difference between policies that keep us free and those that enslave".

Debra serves as president of We Texans promoting public policy and legislation that advances and protects private property, personal and economic liberty, and the legitimate role of the states and their citizens within the framework of constitutional government.

In addition to her public policy and political work, Debra is a registered nurse and manages a healthcare consulting firm. She is 6th generation Texan, wife, mother, business owner and an avid South Texas farm and rancher.

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