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Some people have a negative view of American Youth; they think that young Americans are apathetic, spoiled, lazy, you name it.  It's no wonder, popular television shows, movies, and the media in general portray an image of youth that is self-centered and materialistic. As surprising as may be, the youth of America carries great concern regarding our nation and most definitely its future. But since they are below the voting age they do not have a voice. However, their time is coming!

Most of them will be voting soon and some can already vote. It is challenging for them to process all the information and the differing points of view because so much information gets muddled with “Politics”. I Don't Care About Politics hopes to change the perception of the American youth by having open and honest discussions about the issues that affect them now and the issues that will affect them for years to come. As the name states, the group does not care about the "politics" involved; the youth wants to look past the partisan bickering and finger pointing  - they just want the straight facts and not the biased rhetoric they are usually exposed to. The group is comprised of high school students who want to be heard.

Since much of the younger generation does not have a voice at the polls, the only way they can be heard is online. Even though some might consider them “immature,” and “uninformed”, they do have opinions on domestic and global issues. Most of them will be paying taxes in the near future, and many of them worry that they will have to soon empty their wallets because of the massive amount of money the government is spending. The Youth of America are ready to roll up their sleeves and pitch in to right our course, but to do this they need the clear unbiased facts, and they need a say. Through blogging and the use of social Media, I don't Care About Politics hopes to influence the debate on the important issues.


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