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Larry Perrault has been politically active all of his life, writing about politics, philosophy, and theology online since 1995. He blogged through the 2007-'08 primary election campaign season and continued blogging after the primaries supporting Senator John McCain.

Larry has worked as a pro-life activist with Houston's two largest pro-life organizations, but he bridles at being called a "one-issue voter." As he says, "I was a conservative before there were social conservatives, all of my life, since I was a pre-teen. It all started when my father took me to a Nixon rally in 1968."

Larry received his Bachelor's degree is in psychology from a Christian college in Missouri, and then pursued graduate studies in philosophy at Western Kentucky University. He then moved to Houston where he got married and had two daughters. Soon after, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Currently, Larry is expanding on his previous discussion of The Declaration of Independence and how it and The Constitution have been decimated, to a broader discussion on the morality and productive virtues of liberty and how The Constitution might be supplemented to make such principles explicit rather than implicit, to a culture that has lost its grasp of and largely abandoned them.

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