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Sonja Harris is a native Texan and established photographer of over thirty years. She began her career as a public relations photographer for the city of San Antonio and continued working for other major companies until she managed her own studio.

Sonja's photographs have appeared in local, national and international media and literature. She is currently working on her latest series entitled ‘Life on the Ranch’ depicting the various activities and complexities that it takes to own a small ranch. She is active in the arts community, advocating for conservative art and the conservative artist and photography. Among her many awards for photography, in November 2014 she was the featured artist of the month for Freedom Works via Liberatchik.

She is a political activist and a documentary photographer working on issues that affect Republicans conveying positive conservative messages to the electorate in Texas. Sonja is the founder of Conservatives in Action, a conservative on-line, Judeo-Christian blog. As such, she publishes timely, well-researched articles of interest to conservative thinkers. She advocates passionately for those Republican candidates and causes she believe in. She has been active in the Republican Party for over 20 years and was one of the founding members of the Republican Club of Comal County. She has been a campaign manager, a club president, and delegate to several state and county conventions. She was also elected as an alternate to the Republican National Convention in 2012.

As a conservative, Sonja follows the National and Texas Republican Party Platforms by being a strong Pro Life advocate. She has attended pro-life rallies and anti-Planned Parenthood demonstrations, locally, statewide and Washington DC. She has done extensive research into the evils of the pro-abortion issues and written a number of articles for her blog, Texas GOP Vote and other venues. She has advocated all aspects of Pro-Life to End of Life, from conception to natural death. On numerous occasions, she has testified before committees of the Texas Legislature concerning life issues. She is part of the STOP Planned Parenthood coalition in San Antonio, Texas. She is currently assisting on their effort to stop construction of a new ‘mega’ abortion clinic in San Antonio. She was the official photographer for the 2014 LIFE CHAIN in San Antonio.

Sonja was named SD-25 Volunteer of the Year.

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