(VIDEO) Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Discusses Judge Vinson's Ruling that Obamacare is Unconstitutional

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi went "On the Record" Monday night to discuss Judge Roger Vinson's ruling that Obama's health care reform bill is unconstitutional. This ruling is the second ruling by a federal judge stating that the individual mandate is unconstitutional, but the first ruling to throw the entire health care law out.

The Florida lawsuit includes 26 states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Oklahoma and Virginia also have independent lawsuits against Obamacare.

Below are some excerpts and video clips from the interview:

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: That was not just a little bit of a victory, but it looks like you took -- you had a huge victory. Am I wrong?
BONDI: No, we had a huge -- you're we had a huge victory today. We're all excited, all 26 of our states, and of course, Oklahoma and Virginia, who have their independent lawsuits going, as well. So there's 28 of us total, and we are very, very pleased with Judge Vinson's ruling, Greta. It wasn't only a scholarly ruling, it was very complex but it was also very simple. And what it said is that the federal government cannot trample on our rights.
VAN SUSTEREN: All right, as an aside -- we always like -- I always liked rulings that I thought went my way, so I'm going to tease you about that one. So of course, you like the ruling, think it was well written. All right, now, will you oppose, if the federal government is willing, to go directly to the United States Supreme Court and bypass the court of appeals? Because time really is of the essence, and everyone knows this is going to be decided by the Supreme Court.
BONDI: It is. It is. And I have 25 other states to consult with, and we will be doing that tomorrow, having that very discussion. We needed the ruling first, of course, before we could make that decision. But I agree, time is of the essence and that is certainly something we will be closely looking at and reviewing tomorrow.
VAN SUSTEREN: All right, now, this -- declaring the entire statute unconstitutional, which is why it's so big. It's different from just simply the mandate. Those states that are not members of the lawsuit, the ones who aren't part of the 26, this applies to them, as well?
BONDI: Well, that's certainly our argument, that it applies to the entire country. But certainly, it does to the 26 states involved in this lawsuit, as well as the National Federation of Independent Business, who joined in our lawsuit, and they're playing a very, very big part in our lawsuit. And yes, what the court ordered was that it was non-severable and that it was inextricably bound. And so that means if one portion of it fails, the entire part fails. And that was the ruling that we were looking for.
VAN SUSTEREN: Now, there's a lot of machinery as part of this health care law, setting up exchanges. States are beginning to get -- move in that direction, insurance companies, people making individual decisions. Does everything, at least in the state of Florida, does it just stop? I mean, do you make the assumption that this is over?
BONDI: Well, that's certainly going to be our argument. We've been on the phone with the experts in every industry all afternoon. We just got this ruling late this afternoon. But that certainly is our argument. And as you said, time is of the essence because this is affecting our state financially, and it's affecting the entire country.


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