(VIDEO) Pledge Allegiance Not Allowed at Debate, Audience Does it Anyway, Moderator Gets Angry

Last week, at a debate sponsored by the Illinois League of Women Voters (LWV) between Democratic incumbent Rep. Melissa Bean (IL-8), Republican candidate Joe Walsh, and Green Party candidate Bill Scheurer, moderator Kathy Tate-Brandish refused to let the crowd recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

However, to her distaste, the crowd stood up and recited the Pledge on their own. Instead of just moving on, she decided to scold the audience saying, "I hope that is the last time that I am disrespected." She continued on to say as people in the audience started to get up and leave, "Being forced by having audience members stand up in presumably a planned way, to have something like that happen, seems a bit disrespectful." She really thinks this whole ordeal was planned? Yes, the audience knew ahead of time she wouldnt allow the Pledge and made a pact to all stand up and recite it together... Yeah, right.

Watch the crowd recite the Pledge of Allegiance and Tate-Brandish scold them for it:

The League of Women Voters executive director, Jan Czarnik, also was angry the Pledge had been recited and told the news, “It’s a phony patriotism issue is what it is. [Republicans] must think it helps their campaign.”

According to The Blaze:

Both LWV have been active members of the progressive movement. Ms. Tate-Bradish was an active supporter of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and even hosted campaign events for the then-Senator in her own home.
Ms. Czarnik is a former ACORN Project Vote worker and has been involved in the progressive People for the American Way, but as blogger Jeff Dunetz notes, these former affiliations would surely in no way lead her to unfairly criticize a Republican candidate, right?

Listen to Republican candidate Joe Walshs reaction below:


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I remember as a teenager seeing my mother participate in LWV events in Rockport Texas.  The organization prided itself in being completely non-partisan.  What has this group become now where its leaders find the Pledge of Alligience "distasteful".

Yesterday in Houston, Texas, the League of Women Voters held a press conference to discuss abuses in the voting system allegedly by poll watchers.  The press conference was held at Moody Park, INSIDE the 100' distance markers.   A violation of Texas election code law.  When the election judge asked them to move their setup they said it was too late and continued with their press conference in violation of the law.  Police were called by the election judge, but by the time they arrived the group had disbanded.

What has this once proud group become?   Perhaps their behaviors are an explanation of why their "meet the candidates" event earlier this year was attended by hardly anyone but the candidates.

Very sad...

You do know the Pledge was written by a Socialist, right? It was.

The author of the pledge of allegiance, Francis Bellamy, was also a Baptist minister. What has either have to do with this issue?

My name is Joe Ptak and I live in Island Lake, Illinois. I attended the Joe Walsh-Melissa Bean “forum” and I WAS THE INDIVIDUAL who stood up and wanted to know why the pledge of allegiance was not going to be recited…I thought it might have been an oversight. I was flabbergasted and stunned to hear the LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS moderator say to me, and the audience, that it was never part of their program at these events and will not allowed.

Please keep in mind that this “forum” was organized in Grayslake High School for the benefit of the students, who were asking the questions. Furthermore, there were numerous students present (gaining extra credit) as well as 350 adults and media who packed the auditorium.

I served in the USAFR’s for ten (10) years and there were many veterans in attendance. I was so proud when the audience rose up one by one, then in mass to recite the pledge of allegiance with loud and heavy emphasis on the words LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. The moderator then had the gall to admonish the audience and for “disrespecting her”…my wife told me if that woman did not shut up she was going to get her “Brooklyn up” (being from NY).

I happen to be an Hispanic immigrant from Peru, South America, who was brought to this great country by my parents, along with three other siblings in 1960, when I was eight years old. I was raised in Chicago, have seen, and experienced a lot in this world. I am fully aware that people are literary dying each day, for just the OPPORTUNITY to live in this great land I call my home.

There are ignorant people in this land who do not have the slightest idea, nor understand, what it means to be an AMERICAN. Our Liberty, Freedom of Speech and the Press are never guaranteed and we must always fight to maintain them. I think our students in attendance witnessed that first hand and gained a lot of extra credit for themselves.

It Amazes me how this story has gone VIRAL.  Yesterday, I even did a 20-minute taped interview with Megan Alexander, from the CBS TV program "INSIDE EDITION." (Aired yesterday, but I have not seen it yet...my wife had major cervical herniated disc surgery yesterday and she takes priority.)

Glenn Beck, Breitbart, and many others across the nation have carried the story.  I told Ms. Alexander that the Illinois Chapter of the League of Women Voters should make a public apology to the students and especially, the VETERANS in the attendance, for accusing and insulting them of being PHONY PATRIOTS. 

Unfortunately, Congresswoman Melissa Bean has not come to the defense of the DISHONORED Veterans (her constituents)...her spokesman has only issued a statement of NO COMMENT.  To me that speaks volumes about Melissa Bean.  She sits on Bwaney Franks Congressional Finance Committee AND HAS RUBBER STAMPED EVERY PIECE OF LEGISLATION PUSHED BY FRANKS AND PELOSI.

The great news is that Republican candidate Joe Walsh, is TIED her in the latest poll, and is completely backed by TEA Party groups in the 8th Congressional District!!!

Keep fighting America and express your Patriotism by voting on November 2nd. 2010.


God bless.


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