Voice of the Conservative Vote: Christina Beattie

Christina Beattie is one of Young Americans for Freedom’s (YAF) top leaders. She has stood up against liberal administrators who have intimidated her and threatened to kick her off campus. Campus police watch over her like a hawk when she tables for YAF,and even fellow students say the ideas she is promoting has no place on“their” campus! Christina Beattie thinks otherwise. This is why she and other YAFers have filed a lawsuit against Palm Beach State College (PBSC) for violating, not only her constitutional rights, but the right of all her fellow students. Click here to start a YAF chapter at your school!

On September 7,2010 Christina Beattie and then Florida YAF State Chairman and Vice-Chairman were told to leave the “Club Rush” event on PBSC’s campus by a school administrator and campus police, even though they received prior permission to be there. They were told to leave because they were tabling and handing out “unauthorized” materials criticizing President Obama’s economic policies. Shocked by the treatment they received; the YAFers contacted the AllianceDefense Fund (ADF) for legal advice, and sent out a press release detailing the incident. Within hours the story went viral, and was picked up by majornews outlets and almost every major conservative blog.The entire incident was recorded on video, which was picked up by Fox News; Red Eye. Click Here to view the segment.

On November 4, 2010 ADF filed a suit on behalf of Christina Beattie and all parties involved.The suit is primarily focused on PBSC’s unconstitutional policies that prohibit students from speaking to or distributing literature to one another on campus. “PBSC’s speech policies are among the most blatantly unconstitutional in the country,” said Casey Mattox, Senior Legal Counsel for ADF. “Christina and YAF are to be commended for their defense of the First Amendment on their campus and we look forward to the vindication of their rights.”

"In light of the abhorrent liberal bias on my campus, coupled with my perception of a student body cloaked in a detrimental apathy, I felt that it was my duty as a young conservative to correct the lies being propagated by the progressives; and to expose modern liberalism for the sham that it is."

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