Voice of the Conservative Vote: David Bellow

David Bellow is a SGT in the Army National Guard and a State Republican Executive Committeeman. He is one of 62 members who govern and manage the Republican Party of Texas.

He was born in Beaumont, TX and was raised, and currently lives, in Lumberton, Texas (Hardin County). Like most residents in east Texas, Bellow has had to endure watching the good old boy (Democrat controlled) county officials do nothing as public money has been wasted and as crime and fraud has occurred while the officials just watched. Some of the crime and fraud has been committed by the officials themselves!

He has a Political Science Degree from Texas A&M University and a Masters in Theological Studies from Liberty University.

He was raised in a Christian home where he was taught Christian Conservative Family Values. Bellow Stands up for what he believes and is not afraid to speak his mind.

Bellow is an energetic Republican. He has a passion to stand up and get people excited about the Republican Party and Conservative values.

Bellow has written dozens of original articles that exposed Corruption, Media Bias, Liberal Hypocrisy, Border Shootouts, and much more!  

Conservatives must stand up now! We cannot be afraid to do what is right. If we do not protect and promote our values now, then we will be sitting around watching as America and the Republican Party go down the drain.


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