Voice of the Conservative Vote: Luke Bowen

Luke Bowen is a native Texan who, after spending his childhood in Ecuador, his high-school years in Alaska, and his college years in Chicago is glad to be back in his home state, where he currently is the Research Administrator at the Texas Patriots PAC, a tea party group based in The Woodlands.

Luke received his B.A. in Political Science along with a minor in English in 2011 from Wheaton College (IL) - a private, Christian liberal arts school outside of Chicago. While in college he completed an internship with the office of Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell of Alaska, and was heavily involved in the college newspaper, the Wheaton Record, serving as the Photo Editor and a news writer for all four years, and winning multiple statewide awards from the Illinois College Press Association. He was also a founding member of the campus organization Wheaton Students for Free Markets and Free Minds, which later became Wheaton Students for Liberty.

Luke’s interest in politics began at a very early age while listening to Rush Limbaugh during car rides with his father, and developed into a passion in college after reading works by Alexis de Tocqueville, Frederic Bastiat, Leonard Read, and Ayn Rand. He has developed a particular interest in local and statewide politics, and has enjoyed working with the Texas Patriots PAC as they continue to be a strong and ever-growing influence in local and statewide elections. His favorite book is Atlas Shrugged, and in his spare time he likes to think about Austrian Economics and what the next season of The Walking Dead will be like.

“You know a declared ‘right’ is not an actual right when it denies personal independence in order to provide for the collective good. There are no rights which do not require action on the part of the recipient.”

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