Voice of the Conservative Vote: Merrie Spaeth

Merrie Spaeth has a unique background in media, government, politics, business and entertainment. She is a pioneer in communication theory, executive training and coaching. Spaeth is acknowledged as one of the most influential communication counselors in the world.

Merrie has coached thousands of executives who want to become more effective communicators, improve their presentation skills and ultimately expand their leadership capabilities. She gives clients a proven approach to communication and teaches them how to structure remarks and presentations to take their careers to a higher level. Her clients include Fortune 500 C-suite executives who have adopted the Spaeth approach for themselves and their global organizations as well as entrepreneurs, academic gurus, politicians and many others.

Merrie was a White House Fellow assigned to FBI Director William Webster. She then served two years as director of public affairs for the Federal Trade Commission, and in 1983, President Reagan appointed her as director of media relations at the White House where she introduced satellite interviews and created the electronic White House News Service. In 1987, she founded Spaeth Communications, Inc., which provides strategic communication counseling and training for a wide range of individuals, companies and institutions.

Merrie writes regularly on timely communication topics, and her columns have been collected into two books, Marketplace Communication and Words Matter. Both books, as well as many of her articles, are available at www.spaethcom.com. Merrie also had a career in acting, beginning with a starring role in “The World of Henry Orient” with Peter Sellers and Angela Lansbury. She later became a speechwriter for the legendary William S. Paley, founder and chairman of CBS, Inc.

A cum laude graduate of Smith College and a graduate of Columbia Business School, she is an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business where she teaches “Communication as a Strategic Business Tool,” “Storytelling as a Strategic Business Tool” and “Humor as Leadership Tool.” Merrie speaks on these topics and more to companies and associations in virtually every industry.

"Communication is a powerful tool. Focus on powerful positive words like 'freedom,' 'opportunity' and 'jobs.' Never repeat negative words, even to deny them. Conservatives can learn to tell stories with emotion and humor which every day Texans can identify with."

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