Volunteers Expose Voter Fraud in Harris County, Tens of Thousands of Registrations Questioned by King Street Patriots

The following is a press release sent in from Jonathan Saenz of the Liberty Institute regarding the findings of false voter registrations in Harris County.

Today, the King Street Patriots, a group of citizen-volunteers in Harris County, Texas, announced their discovery of thousands, possibly tens of thousands, of incomplete, inaccurate or false voter registrations. The group, represented by Liberty Institute, uncovered hundreds of properties, including vacant lots and nonexistent addresses, where six or more people claim to live.

"It's apparent that King Street Patriots discovered voter fraud in Harris County, though we don't know just how extensive it is," said Kelly Shackelford, president/CEO for Liberty Institute and a constitutional scholar. "King Street Patriots is double-checking all registrations leading up to the election, and will be releasing information each week on what they've uncovered. There are those who are trying to intimidate King Street Patriots by attempting to vandalize their office and vehicles and monitoring the location of their offices and work. It is unfortunate that our clients are now the focus of intimidation tactics. No one should be intimidated or punished for being a good citizen."

King Street Patriots released statements today following Harris County's news conference announcing their discovery of what they called "Voter Fraud." The group, which works to ensure fair and free elections, found evidence suggesting deputy voter registrars completed registration forms incorrectly, even registering some people without their permission who have not signed up to vote in the past ten years.

"If our elections are not fair, we are not truly free," said Catherine Engelbrecht, president of King Street Patriots. "Our True the Vote volunteers are working night and day to ensure that elections in Harris County are accurate and that no one's vote is stolen." Liberty Institute was formed to uphold Constitutional and First Amendment religious and speech freedoms in the courts and legislature.

For more information, visit www.truethevote.org and www.libertyinstitute.org.


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